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Murder of 3 Muslim students at UNC-Chapel Hill goes political quickly and wrongly

There was a horrible story out of North Carolina yesterday as another act of domestic terrorism hit the news. Three Muslim students at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill were shot to death by a local man who later turned himself in.

Police charged a North Carolina man Wednesday with the murder of three Muslim students, but any motive for the shooting wasn’t immediately clear.

The shooting occurred about 5 p.m. on Tuesday, when police responded to gunfire and found the three victims dead in their apartment in Chapel Hill. All three were shot in the head, WRAL reports.

This was a horrific crime, and when news of it broke on social media the outrage was quick to follow. The headline produced the expected hashtag of #MuslimLivesMatter and it started picking up a head of steam quickly. Liberal CNN commentator Sally Kohn was quick on the draw this morning on

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