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Munich Man Who Screamed At Mall Murderer Wishes He Had A Gun

thomas salbey

thomas salbey

A German man who got into a 90-second yelling match with an German-Iranian mass murderer* who lured teens to a McDonalds with promises of free food told a British news outlet that if he had a gun, he would have ended the spree killer’s rampage himself.

A man who confronted the Munich killer from the balcony of his flat has told Mail Online he would have shot the killer if he had a gun.

Thomas Salbey, who has become known as the ‘balcony man’ after his profanity-laced exchange with killer A– S___ went viral, said he wished he could have fired back at the killer.

‘All I had was a beer bottle to throw at him. If I had a gun I would have shot him I’d have shot him

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German police: Munich shooter planned crime for a year

The 18-year-old gunman behind the shooting spree at a Munich shopping center “had been preparing for a year,” Bavarian police chief Robert Heimberger told a press conference Sunday.

Heimberger said the German-Iranian teen, identified only as David S., visited the site of a 2009 school shooting in the southwest German town of Winnenden and took photographs. He added that material found at the shooter’s home showed he had likely obtained his Glock 17 pistol illegally through the internet’s “dark net” market, and was an avid player of first-person shooter video games like “Counter-Strike.”

Robert Heimberger (L) and Thomas Steinkraus-Koch address journalists in Munich

Mourners have laid flowers and candles at the Olympia shopping center where David S. fatally shot nine people on Friday night before turning the gun on himself.

On Sunday, authorities raised the number of injured people from two dozen to 35.

Most of the dead were teenagers,

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