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Istanbul attack: Manhunt for attacker who killed 39 in nightclub – as it happened

On 1 January 2017, there was an attack on the Reina nightclub in Ortakoy, Istanbul, causing a large number of casualties. There is an ongoing police operation in Istanbul as a result of the attack, and the attacker may still be at large. You should exercise vigilance and caution at this time, and follow the advice and instructions of the security authorities.

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Istanbul nightclub attack: 15 foreigners among 39 killed as police hunt gunman – live

Just as we were settling down, by the door there was a lot of dust and smoke. Gunshots rang out. When those sounds were heard, many girls fainted.

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Jailhouse informants, mass killer, homelessness top OC 2017

Photo by John Schreiber.
Photo by John Schreiber.

Legal wrangling over Orange County’s use of jailhouse informants is expected to be among the top stories in 2017, along with continued efforts to fight homelessness and major upgrades in local entertainment attractions.

Orange County legal headlines are likely to be dominated by the continued battle over the use of jail informants, and by extension, its impact on the pending death-penalty case against Scott Dekraai, the worst mass killer in county history.

Orange County Superior Court Judge Thomas Goethals recently declared that his patience has run so thin on the county’s efforts to unearth all of the possible evidence Dekraai’s attorneys are entitled to have that he is considering holding a rare contempt-of-court hearing with Sheriff Sandra Hutchens.

Hutchens’ attorneys told the judge they are doing their best to come up with pertinent evidence

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The Ridiculous Apologetics Over Taimur, The Murderer

When we discuss names, the much-quoted Shakespearean quip, “What’s in a name?” comes up often. This is, however, dramatically opposite to the Indic view. Tulsidas’ Ramcharitmanas proclaims, naam bada hai ram te, which translates to, the name of Ram is greater than Ram.

Naam is of paramount importance in Indic traditions, and the Namakaran (naming) ceremony is one of the most important samskaras of a child. This is true of many native cultures and different from the relatively casual secular-Abrahamic view of names.

The reaction to the naming of actors Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan’s baby as Taimur is interesting to analyse with that lens. Why did some Indians feel so offended by the name, and why, equally, were some others contemptuously dismissive of this reaction? It depends on where one is emotionally and intellectually rooted – in the Indic traditions, or in the Abrahamic religions and their mutation called

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Lehigh Valley mass murderer indicted in four NJ slayings

Todd West, who admitted two months ago to killing three people at random in a July 2015 shooting spree in the Lehigh Valley, was indicted Thursday for gunning down four people in New Jersey, authorities announced.

West, 24, of Elizabeth, N.J., was sentenced in October in Lehigh County Court to three consecutive life sentences after pleading guilty to killing Kory Ketrow, 22, in Easton, and Trevor Gray, 22, and Francine Ramos, 32, in Allentown. The shootings happened within an hour of each other.

During his sentencing, a Lehigh County prosecutor described West as an “evil, evil man,” and the judge called the crime “cold-blooded murder.”

On Thursday, a New Jersey prosecutor announced that a grand jury has indicted West in the May and June 2015 shooting deaths of four people. Authorities said West will be transferred to New Jersey from Pennsylvania to be arraigned on the charges. It was unclear whether he has

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Pulse Mass Shooting: Six Months Later, Mourners Still Congregate

Most of the flowers have been removed. The police cars are gone. But more than six months after a mass shooting that killed 49 people and injured dozens more, the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, remains a place of mourning.

On a recent afternoon, PEOPLE counted nearly 200 people visiting the site to pay their respects. Some brought posters and flowers. Others took photos. Still more knelt to pray.

“I went to college with [victim] Cory Connell,” says Louisa Alvarez, 21, who stood by the Pulse sign and prayed. “I come here every month or so just to talk to him. I miss him every day.”

Adds friend James Hall, who had driven Alvarez to the gay club: “Sometimes, I’m driving around Orlando and I just feel like, ‘I need to drive by Pulse.’ It’s like a magnet to me. I’ll park

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Mass Murderer Indicted For Shooting Spree In Union County

ELIZABETH, NJ — A Union County man who went on a shooting spree, killing three people and injuring another, in Elizabeth in 2015 was indicted, Acting Union County Prosecutor Grace H. Park announced Wednesday.

Todd West, 24, of Elizabeth was charged in the first indictment with murder, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose and unlawful possession of a weapon in connection with the May 18, 2015 shooting death of 29 year-old Michael Thompkins of Elizabeth (who is West’s cousin).

The second indictment of West arose from a shooting spree on June 25, 2015 in Elizabeth and charges him with three counts of murder for the shooting deaths of: 29 year-old Dennis Vega of Elizabeth, 29 year-old Jamil Payne of Elizabeth, and 32 year-old Kelvin Nelson of Elizabeth, as well as one count of attempted murder in the shooting of the only surviving victim of the shooting spree, 24 year-old Richard

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WEEK IN REVIEW: Mass shooting at South Side party caps bloody …

Chicago Sun-Times Wire
The week started out with longest period of time without a fatal shooting in the city all year, but it ended with bloody holiday weekend that ended with at least 14 people dead from violence in Chicago.

The city saw a peaceful period from early Sunday morning until Thursday afternoon, a period of over 4 1/2 days without a fatal shooting. Then came the Christmas holiday, which was anything but peaceful, with at least 11 people killed and dozens of others shot.

When it was all over, 14 people were killed last week, bring the year’s total to over 780, including about a dozen who died this year after being shot or assaulted in previous years, according to Sun-Times Wire record.

The horrific holiday weekend ended with a mass shooting in the East Chatham neighborhood that left two

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3rd Man Charged in Genesee Street Mass Shooting Will Wait Longer

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — A new trial date has been set for Michael Mathis, the 3rd man charged in connection with the mass shooting on Genesee Street in Aug. 2015 that left three people dead.

Mathis will go on trial in June 2017. He is facing murder and assault charges.

Raekwon Manigault, Jonah Barley and Johnny Johnson died following the shooting, which happened not long after a basketball game let out at the nearby Boys and Girls Club. Four other people were wounded.

This delay came when defense attorney James Hinman informed the court he will be dealing with a health issue over the next six months, but will have another attorney help with the case. Hinman is hoping to have an attorney assigned to the case by the end of next week.

The judge also denied a request for a change in bail.

Earlier this month, the verdict in the trial of one of

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Grindr put out a coffee-table book inspired by the mass shooting in …

Grindr is getting into the book business

Social networking app Grindr recently released Home, a book filled with intimate portraits of nude and semi-nude models, in collaboration with photographer Matt Lambert, Dazed reported. 

The $75 book features 48 images, accompanied by interviews of young gay men that Lambert met during travels to Toronto, Paris, London, Prague, New York, Los Angeles and Berlin, according to the Grindr store website. Grindr’s creative director Landis Smithers said the coffee-table book of images was inspired by the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. 

“After Orlando, we began to look for ways to express this common sense we all had that something had been taken away from us,” Smithers said to Dazed. “A sense of comfort in each other, in the ability to be safe, to walk or speak or simply exist in places we had taken for granted were ‘ours.'” 


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