How to protect yourself during a mass shooting

Investigators at the scene of the Nov. 5 deadly shooting in Sutherland Springs, Tex. (Jay Janner/Austin American-Statesman/AP)

After shots were fired at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Tex., where 26 people were killed in Sunday’s mass shooting, Julius Kepper, who lives nearby, grabbed his gun and ran toward the sound of gunfire, according to the Wall Street Journal, where he saw another neighbor, also armed, confront the suspected killer. Kepper later said, “You just can’t conceive of this happening in a small town like this.” Carrie Matula, who works nearby, told NBC News “I never thought it would happen here,” adding, “This is something that happens in a big city.”

Not so. Mass shootings occur in rural, suburban and urban settings. In recent years, mass shootings have occurred at gathering places and houses of worship of many different faiths:

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