Apple served with warrant for Texas mass killer’s iCloud data

Here we go again: another mass shooting, another killer’s iPhone that police can’t get into, and potentially another legal battle over Apple’s encryption.

Earlier in the month, the FBI announced it couldn’t break into the iPhone of Devin Patrick Kelley, the shooter in the mass murder of 26 people in a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

Now, court records seen by the San Antonio Express-News show that two days after the FBI’s announcement – and its bemoaning of the way Apple’s encryption hampers law enforcement – a Texas Ranger obtained search warrants for data belonging to the Sutherland Springs killer.

One warrant, issued on 9 November, is for files stored on an iPhone SE found near Kelley’s body and on a second LG phone. Another warrant seeks files stored in Kelley’s iCloud account – specifically, phone

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