Church members and leaders receive training on how to react during a mass shooting

CAMDEN COUNTY, N.C. – A church is supposed to be a safe place, but recent events have proved that violence can happen anywhere.

Thursday night the Camden County Sheriff Office in North Carolina held a training session for church members and church leaders.

It’s a stomach-turning scene witnessed time and time again in cities throughout the United States: Shots fired, mass chaos and law enforcement rushing the scene to eliminate the threat.

Mass shootings have been seen at concerts, clubs, schools and even churches.

Pastor Wayne Wood leads the Wesley United Methodist Church in Old Trap, North Carolina.

“Even though overall it’s very small, everybody in the community knows everybody, still it could happen,” said Wood.

Thursday Wood attended the training session hosted by Chief Deputy of Camden County Sheriff Office Rodney Meads.

“Fifteen years ago, who would have ever thought this would be a subject that we needed to cover,” said Meads.

He stressed to a handful

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