Germany permits Iranian regime mass murderer to flee the country …

Iranian cleric Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi, considered to be a successor to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, has fled Germany after having criminal complaints of crimes against humanity filed against him. Shahroudi was in Germany receiving medical treatment for a brain tumor and fled Thursday for Iran.

Critics have accused Shahroudi, the former head of Iran’s judiciary system (1999-2009), of imposing executions on 2,000 people, including adolescents.

“Germany has a choice: Does it want to be a safe-haven for terrorists and mass murderers? Alas, for Sigmar Gabriel [Germany’s foreign minister], it seems that the answer was, and is, yes. But why should principle matter if German businesses can make an extra million euros?” Dr. Michael Rubin— an Iran expert with the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, DC– told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday.

Shahroudi’s presence in the city of

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