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Book review: Perhaps Gardner’s new thriller should have been called ‘Never Mind’

In her new psychological thriller, best-selling author Lisa Gardner’s story gets tripped up in trying to match themes with plot.

“Right Behind You” is about two teenagers, a brother and sister, who are in different foster homes after the older brother Telly, years earlier, beat their drug-addicted father to death with a baseball bat in self-defense.

As the novel opens, though, Telly’s foster parents now have been found dead in their Oregon home, and the sheriff department has seen footage of Telly shooting out a surveillance camera at a nearby convenience store where two other people have been shot to death the same morning.

It doesn’t take law enforcement long to decide they have a spree killer on the loose.

Drawn into the case are past Gardner characters Quincy, a retired FBI profiler, and his wife Rainie, who are foster parents in the process of adopting Telly’s sister, Sharlah.

Gardner has

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Lisa Gardner’s new thriller brings two favorite characters out of mothballs

Lisa Gardner let readers be part of the creative process for “Right Behind You,” her new thriller.

Two years ago, the bestselling author (more than 22 million books in print) conducted a Facebook poll, allowing popular vote to determine which of her series characters would star in her 2017 book.

“I figured they would want another book with D.D. Warren (who is featured in eight novels, including last year’s ‘Find Her’) or Tessa Leoni (three novels),” Gardner says. “They’re the characters I had been concentrating on lately.

“So when the results came in, it was a complete surprise.”

Fans voted instead for Gardner to bring back FBI profiler Pierce Quincy and partner Rainie Conner — even though (or perhaps BECAUSE) she hadn’t written about them in nearly a decade.

The “FBI Profilers” with Quincy, Rainie and Pierce’s daughter Kimberly made up six books from 1998 to 2008.

“It was flattering that so many

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