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Get active with loved ones to honor victims of Tucson’s mass shooting

Beyond Tucson honors those touched by the January 8, 2011 shooting during “Congress on Your Corner” involving then-Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. And the event remembers how the community came together in the aftermath.

A dozen outdoor activities around town are encouraging people to get outside, spend time with loved ones, come together as a community and remember what’s important in life, according Beyond Tucson director Michelle Crow.

“The history of Beyond started with a tragedy,” she said. “The way that affected our community was so profound.”

A key player, Crow reached out to different groups until there were 36 different organizations that wanted to hold Beyond events.

The family of Gabe Zimmerman, Giffords’ 30-year-old director of community outreach who was killed at the shooting, joined together with a broad-based coalition of healthcare providers, public land managers and nonprofits to start Beyond on the one-year anniversary of the tragedy. 


Read more at: http://www.tucsonlocalmedia.com/news/article_07dc1ad0-f575-11e7-8054-dff44ca2b2f1.html

Police stop suspect after active shooter fears in Reno

Cops stopped a gunman in downtown Reno on Tuesday, after announcing they were hunting an active shooter and sparking fears of another Las Vegas-style attack.

Reno police tweeted at 7:50 p.m. PST that they were dealing with a “possible active shooter” and urged everyone to steer clear of the area.

SWAT cops later stormed the luxury apartment tower where the shooter was holed up and he was killed, officials said. It wasn’t immediately clear if he was killed by police or committed suicide. No one else was hurt, cops said.

Las Vegas resident Mike Pavicich, in Reno for business, was walking in downtown when he heard shots – and immediately thought of last month’s mass shooting that killed 58.

“When you heard it’s coming from above it reminds you of the guy shooting from Mandalay Bay … it’s scary you know? This is the same kind of town,” Pavicich told the Reno

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After Vegas tragedy, active shooter training takes on new significance

People ducked and froze Sunday on the Las Vegas fairgrounds, news video shows, creating easier targets. Interrupt a shooter’s OODA with chaotic motion, Mertz said, and the loop must start anew. Aggressively messing with a shooter — a runner brushing against him, throwing a pen, frenetic motion — resets the loop repeatedly. Research shows fewer people will die, Mertz said.

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