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Charlottesville Car Attack Suspect Accused Of Domestic Violence Multiple Times

The following year, the police were called twice. In October 2011, Bloom, who is disabled and uses a wheelchair, called 911 to report that Fields was “being very threatening toward her,” the dispatcher wrote. The next month, police were requested after Fields allegedly spat in his mother’s face and stood behind her with a 12-inch knife.

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Turkey nightclub attack leaves one dead and four hurt in Bodrum

Stock photo: Bodrum coastal resort in Turkey

Image caption

Bodrum, on Turkey’s Aegean coast, is a popular destination for tourists and revellers. File image

A teenager has been killed and four other people wounded in a shooting near two nightclubs at a popular resort in Turkey, local media report.

A gunman approached the beach clubs

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ISIS in Europe: Suspected Terror Attack in German Nightclub Mass Shooting

A gunman opened fire in a nightclub in the southern German city of Konstanz, killing one person and injuring four others, police said.

The 34-year-year old attacker suffered life threatening injuries and died after being shot by police, who rushed to the scene at about 4.30 am local time, reported German broadcaster Deutsche Welle. 

One police officer was injured in an exchange of fire with the suspect.

GettyImages-497550046 (file photo) A police man protects the evacuated HDI Arena prior to the International Friendly match between Germany and Netherlands at HDI Arena on November 17, 2015 in Hanover, Germany. Getty

Eyewitnesses told broadcaster Südwestrundfunk that a nightclub doorman

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NRATV uses London attack to push for more guns, all but ignores Orlando mass shooting

NRATV also took issue with London police’s suggested response to the attack. Police sent out a tweet on Saturday night advising people to “run,” “hide,” and “call” authorities in case of an attack. The strategy has previously been promoted by England’s National Police Chiefs Council, which said that during an attack, “people should first run to a place of safety,” or hide if they can’t, and call the police when it is safe to do so. (In the United States, the Department of Homeland Security recommends that in an active shooting situation, people first try to evacuate, then hide, and then confront the attacker as a last resort.)

During the June 5 1 p.m. update, NRATV commentator Bill Whittle called this strategy a “passive, weak kind of reaction” that only encourages the terrorists. During the June 5 10 a.m. update, Stinchfield said that “one armed

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After 152 Mass Shootings In 2017, It Took An Attack On Congress To Get Our Attention

Apart from the setting ― a tony neighborhood in Alexandria, Virginia, just outside of Washington D.C.― and the high-profile targets, the episode was sadly not all that remarkable. It was the 153rd mass shooting of the year, in just 165 days, according to a tally by the Gun Violence Archive, a not-for-profit organization that tracks shootings across the country. Hours later, the 154th appeared to be unfolding in San Francisco.

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You Only Have to Go Back One Week to Find a US Mass Shooting Deadlier Than the London Terror Attack

Meanwhile, on Saturday—the day of the London attacks—there were three firearm homicides in Baltimore, three in St. Louis, two in South Carolina, and one each in California, Georgia, Las Vegas, Louisiana and Alabama. A toddler who’d found a gun under a bed also accidentally killed himself in Pennsylvania, making for 14 total known gun violence deaths in the country on that day. (That’s actually an unusually low daily total.) On Monday morning, meanwhile, five people working at a business near Orlando, Florida, were killed by a former co-worker. Reports say the incident was not “terror-related.”

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Bomber pictured wearing backpack before Manchester attack

  • Leaked CCTV from Manchester’s Arndale Centre shows Salman Abedi shopping
  • Sky News reported  Abedi withdrew £250 from a cash machine on Friday
  • He appeared to have a backpack similar to one believed to have contained bomb
  • Abedi carried explosives into arena in a black vest or blue Karrimor backpack

Rachael Burford For Mailonline