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‘Homeless hero’ Chris Parker took pictures of the wounded after Manchester Arena attack

Sickening CCTV footage has emerged of the ‘homeless hero’ of the Manchester Arena bombing taking photos of the bloody aftermath as victims lay dying on the ground.

Chris Parker, 33, previously said that he rushed into the concert hall to help in the minutes after the May 22 bomb.

But CCTV footage, shown in his trial at Manchester Crown Court, shows him holding his phone while passing bloody scenes and even stealing from the wounded.

One of the images found on Parker’s mobile phone is understood to have been used in international media coverage although it has not been officially confirmed exactly how the image ended up there.

The Manchester Evening News has learnt that a series of graphic images were recovered from Parker’s phone following his arrest.

Our sister paperhas seen pictures recovered from Parker’s phone which appear to depict the graphic aftermath of the blast.

CCTV footage,

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Book Review: ‘Surviving a Mass Killer Rampage’ by Chris Bird


The interviews with real actors in these tragedies is what sets Chris Bird’s book apart. Each chapter is full of pictures of key players, settings and events. (Photo: Eve Flanigan)

Well-known gun author Chris Bird has produced a new book. The full title is Surviving a Mass Killer Rampage: When seconds count, police are still minutes away. Bird requested a review by Guns.com staff, and I was fortunate to be chosen as the reviewer.

In this meticulously researched publication, Bird delves into almost every mass murder spree that’s been in the news in recent history, with an emphasis on the actions leading up to, and finally actions taken to end the events.  He provides an overview of police and other institutions’ philosophies regarding mass killings, as well as analysis of the evolution of practice and policy.

From 1966 in an Austin, Texas tower to 2015

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