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Homicide victims earlier than Versace: Andrew Cunanan’s 1997 spree

The victims who came before Versace: How murderer Andrew Cunanan went on a homicidal cross-country spree that culminated in the death of the Italian fashion designer and the killer’s own suicide in 1997

The manhunt and the crimes that transfixed America in 1997 had elements that could have been lifted right out of a movie plot: high society, high fashion, celebrity, nightlife, sadomasochism – and a pathological liar genius who progressed to serial murder. By the time Gianni Versace was shot dead outside his Miami mansion on July 15, 1997, killer Andrew Cunanan had left behind a web of terror across the country and even more unanswered questions.

And, while the Italian fashion designer was his most famous victim, Cunanan killed at least four men before him – some targeted and others, seemingly, at random.

The killings are the subject of the controversial

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