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Las Vegas victims fund raised $22M but it’s not enough – Quad

LAS VEGAS — The Las Vegas committee overseeing the millions of dollars donated after the mass shooting in October has expanded the scope of those that could make a claim on money, but thousands will remain ineligible to receive any cash under the final guidelines.

Scott Nielson, chairman of the Las Vegas Victims Fund Committee, says the fund has $22 million, but that the large number of those affected by the mass shooting makes it impossible to provide everyone with a cash payout.

“It is our desire to recognize and honor all of those whose lives have been forever altered as a result of the horrific events of 1 October and we recognize the incredible needs of those experiencing psychological trauma,” Nielson said in a statement Friday.

“The overwhelming number of victims prevents us from providing individual monetary payments to those suffering psychological trauma, though we are committed to identifying mental health services

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The Note: Are ‘thoughts and prayers’ enough after yet another mass shooting?

The TAKE with Rick Klein

This isn’t the week anyone thought it would be.

All eyes now turn to a tragedy and mourning in a small town in Texas, not the political dramas that were slated to mark the week and dominate headlines.

President Donald Trump, who hoped to make his mark on the other side of the world, must balance his actions abroad with responses to an unspeakable episode and its political fallout.

The same goes for his fellow Republicans, whose “thoughts and prayers” for those grieving in Texas may not be enough to keep the focus on taxes, even if Special Counsel Robert Mueller doesn’t bring any new action before a grand jury.

It goes for Democrats, too.

A year after a disappointment for the ages, and on the eve of the biggest electoral tests of the Trump era, the party is groaning

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Mass shooting drill in Cloverdale real enough for participants

With guns drawn, small teams of officers went room to room at Washington Middle School in Cloverdale searching for the shooter. Not far behind, paramedics, with officers standing guard, were checking pulses, applying tourniquets and tying ribbons on victims: green for those who can walk, yellow for the seriously hurt, red for the most critical.

And there were black-and-white ribbons for the dead.

It was a drill.

With fake blood, pretend victims and blank ammunition cartridges, about 75 police, fire and ambulance personnel last week prepared for the kind of mass shooting all hope will never happen.

“One disgruntled student can create such havoc. We need to be prepared,” Cloverdale Police Chief Stephen Cramer said.

Increasingly, fire and ambulance personnel are training alongside law enforcement on how to

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