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Man who claims he was fathered during Wisconsin orgy makes claim against Manson estate

A man who believes convicted mass murderer Charles Manson fathered him during a Wisconsin orgy in the late 1960s plans to make a claim to the estate.

Matt Lentz, a Los Angeles-area musician who goes by the name Matthew Roberts, has a will that Manson purportedly signed in January 2017 naming him as beneficiary, said his agent, Mike Smith. He said Manson gave the will to friend and memorabilia collector Ben Gurecki, who is named as executor.

Lentz was expected in court Monday as the battle brewing over Manson’s estate began, but didn’t show up. Smith said Lentz was having trouble finding a lawyer to take the case.

It remains unclear where the court challenges will be fought or whether others will join a pen pal and purported grandson laying claim to the cult leader’s possessions and body.

The issue of venue is clouded because Manson, 83, died at a

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