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Harvey Weinstein, Roy Moore and a Texas mass shooting

Recently, our media feed has been flooded with news surrounding Harvey Weinstein’s sexual predatory behaviors towards women, the mass shooting in Texas where the shooter had a history of abusing his wife and child, and the allegations of child sexual abuse against Alabama senatorial candidate Roy Moore.

Sexual violence, domestic violence and child abuse are three issues Hopeful Horizons encounters every day as we work with victims of these crimes to provide support, safety, healing and justice. These recent events have gained attention because someone powerful and famous was involved in a crime, or it was a mass casualty event.

However, most of the time, these crimes happen within a culture of silence.

The reality is that one in every 10 children will be a victim of sexual abuse by the time he or she turns 18. One in four women and one in seven men will experience severe physical

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Who was ‘Angel of Death’ Donald Harvey? Mass murderer dead after prison beating

Who was ‘Angel of Death’ Donald Harvey?

Donald Harvey, a self-styled ‘angel of death’, was an American serial killer who murdered at least 37 people between 1970 and 1987. Most of his victims were patients at Ohio and Kentucky hospitals where he worked as a medical assistant.

Harvey was born in Butler County, Ohio on 15 April 1952. He died on 30 March 2017 after being badly beaten by a fellow inmate at at Toledo Correctional Institution. He was 64-years-old.

How many people did ‘Angel of Death’ Donald Harvey kill?

Harvey claims to have killed 87 people but this is disputed by authorities.

In 1987 his 17 year spree was brought to an end when he pleaded guilty to the murder of 37 people. Police believe it is possible he killed a further 20.

How did ‘Angel of Death’ Donald Harvey kill his victims?

In 1970, aged 18, Harvey took his first job

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