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Daily Herald: NIU mass shooting survivor – WLS

Daily Herald reporter Burt Constable stopped by ABC7 to talk about his latest story about the Northern Illinois University mass shooting and the officer who survived it.

A look back at the Northern Illinois University police officer who survived the school’s mass shooting and why she says: ‘It’s something that made me who I am.’

You can read this story in the Daily Herald’s edition from Sunday, February 11, 2018, or online at dailyherald.com.

Read more at: http://abc7chicago.com/daily-herald-niu-mass-shooting-survivor/3059164/

Tuesday’s letters: Trump, guns and political ads – Sarasota Herald

Newsrooms see crisis in Trump’s salty language

Wow! You would have thought President Trump pushed the nuclear “button” and the end is near! Not quite, but to read and listen to our nation’s press, Trump’s use of some salty language is more of a world crisis than any threat from North Korea!

It’s interesting to learn the newsrooms across the country strongly resemble a church confessional with holier values and language never off color.

Now I understand why reporters feel the need to report “their interpretation” of the what’s good for citizens to hear and not the news as it is. We may hear a word we’ve never heard before or, even more concerning, Americans might interpret the day’s news for themselves and conclude what’s offensive and what’s not.

Even more frightening is the ever-so-slight chance some news consumers will determine Trump has and does a few things right.


Read more at: http://www.heraldtribune.com/opinion/20180116/tuesdays-letters-trump-guns-and-political-ads

Sampson jurors to hear closing remarks | Boston Herald

Jurors, who will today begin deliberating whether convicted spree killer Gary Lee Sampson lives or dies, can expect a clean, classy fight to the end by the trial teams when closing arguments get underway this morning.

“I’m not going to ask that they send a message beyond returning a just verdict … I don’t plan to call him an animal or a beast … I’m certainly not going to argue that Gary Lee Sampson’s life is worth less than the victims in this case,” assistant U.S. Attorney Zachary Hafer assured U.S. District Court Judge Leo T. Sorokin at a final house-cleaning hearing yesterday. Sampson, 57, did not attend.

Public defender Michael Burt told Sorokin his closing argument will span 2 1⁄2 hours, a full 30 minutes longer than Hafer expects to expend for his closing and rebuttal combined. Burt indicated he will appeal for mercy for Sampson by quoting assassinated civil rights

Read more at: http://www.bostonherald.com/news/local_coverage/2017/01/sampson_jurors_to_hear_closing_remarks