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The media’s duty to focus on heroes, not killers – NY Daily News

It was totally predictable that cable news channels would give bumper-to-bumper coverage to the horrific high school massacre in Parkland, Fla., where 17 students and teachers were fatally gunned down Wednesday.

Journalists often assume that consumers are drawn to stories of mass murder because of morbid curiosity. As a result, much of the news coverage — especially on cable television — has focused on the killer’s background and apparent motivation, as well as the plight of his victims.

Many audience members surely identified with the innocent victims and their families and also looked to news reports for “red flags” that might protect them from future attacks. The grisly scenes of mass carnage, the videos of students running for their lives from the school building, and the tearful responses of the victims’ families and friends undoubtedly aroused collective empathy among news consumers around the country.

The problem, however, is that excessive attention to

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‘New Yorker’ Reviewer Equates ’15:17 To Paris’ Heroes With Mass …

Here’s a surprise: an effete writer for the New Yorker is uncomfortable with patriotism, guns and the kind of men who join the military. So as you might imagine, Anthony Lane isn’t wild about Clint Eastwood’s new movie.

Lane claims that The 15:17 to Paris is one of the weirder films of the year, calling it a “thrusting reactionary fable that ends up bumping into the avant-garde.” The movie centers around the true story of three unlikely heroes (played by themselves) who, while on a European vacation, stop a terrorist from murdering a train full of people.

Lane recalls that the incident portrayed in the movie was “quite a story at the time, and the news coverage was excitable and widespread.” Unarmed American servicemen stop a deadly terrorist attack, ho-hum, don’t be so excitable. Lane says Eastwood making a “ninety-four-minute movie out of an incident that lasted

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Heroes of Las Vegas: the hospital staff called to action after the mass shooting

Sunrise Hospital’s emergency room was already full at about 10pm on 1 October when a police officer dropping off an accident victim received a call on his radio announcing: “Shots fired.”

Doctor Kevin Menes and nurse Rhonda Davis looked up from their charts. “Is this for real?” Menes asked. A series of gunshots crackled through the officer’s radio in automatic bursts. It sounded like a combat zone. As he ran out, the officer said, “That’s the Route 91 concert.”


Immediately, Menes realized there would be hundreds if not thousands of victims, and Sunrise – Las Vegas’s largest trauma center and the hospital nearest to the site of the country music festival – would probably receive the most.

He and Davis started to prepare. Menes contacted house supervisor Kat Comanescu, who then summoned all available nurses to the ER to help move or discharge patients.

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Don’t Disarm the Potential Heroes Who Can Stop the Bad Guys

I wrote an article back in late September regarding a Catholic Church Cardinal in Chicago banning his parishioners from carrying firearms in church. The piece was in response to a church shooting in Tennessee where a member retrieved his own gun from his vehicle to hold the shooter until the police arrived.

Here we are only six weeks later, and an absolutely horrible event happens at a Baptist church in Texas where a gunman killed dozens of people.

This is a call to all of the “good guys with a gun” in the country. Arm yourself, everywhere. There are no “safe spaces.” Supposed “gun free zones” are, in actuality, just a “target-rich environment” for evil men with horrible intentions.

It does not matter where you go, you are not protected unless you

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These are the heroes of the Las Vegas shooting — from a Marine who commandeered a truck to a husband who took a …

las vegas shooting victimsA man shields a woman with his body during a country music festival in Las Vegas, Nevada, where a gunman fired bullets into the crowd.David Becker / Getty

As bullets rained down on a country music festival in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Sunday night, people stepped up to protect total strangers and the ones they love.

Tales of heroism have emerged in the aftermath of the Las Vegas mass shooting, which left 59 people dead and more than 500 injured.

Here are some of the inspiring stories.



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Doctors call victims of New Mexico library shooting heroes

Alexis Molina took a bullet to the chest, just above her heart, and was shot once in each leg as a gunman opened fire inside a public library in New Mexico. But trauma surgeons at the Texas hospital where she is recovering said Thursday that all she could think about was making sure her little brother was safe.

The doctors told reporters that Molina, 20, is expected to make a full recovery, and they described her and fellow library patron Howard Jones as heroes.

Jones, who was at the library with his granddaughter, was shot in the arm. The bullet traveled from his forearm along his radial nerve before lodging in the back of his arm, the doctors said.

Dr. Sharmila Dissanaike, assistant medical director of the trauma center at Lubbock’s University Medical Center, said she was able to

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Documentary on 1966 mass shooting at University of Texas focuses on victims, heroes

On Aug. 1, 1966, Claire Wilson was eight months pregnant as she walked across the University of Texas campus with her boyfriend.

A shot rang out.

“I just felt this, this huge jolt — like I’d stepped on a live wire,” Wilson is quoted as saying in the movie “Tower,” set to screen Friday and Saturday at the Wexner Center for the Arts.

She fell to the pavement; her unborn baby was killed. Another shot sounded, and her boyfriend, Tom Eckman, lay dead beside her.

Heavily armed gunman Charles Whitman, a former Marine sharpshooter, had climbed to the observation deck of the 307-foot tower on the campus in Austin. Before he was killed by police, Whitman had slain 13 people and wounded 31 others. Two people would subsequently die from their wounds; before the shootings, Whitman had killed his wife and mother.

“Tower” director Keith Maitland, 41, an Austin resident and a graduate of the University of

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