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After mass shooting, police are warned about gang members with rifles that can pierce body armor

Adriana Williams and her brother Michael stopped at a makeshift memorial on Sunday afternoon for a friend gunned down hours earlier on a street in Chicago’s Brighton Park neighborhood.

On Monday, a new memorial went up — this one for the two Williams siblings after they were killed and eight others wounded when two gunmen armed with rifles stepped from an alley and opened fire at mourners at the friend’s memorial.

The group had been celebrating the life of 26-year-old Daniel Cordova, who was shot and killed about 13 hours earlier, when the shots rang out.

“They were just coming to pay their respects,” said Willie Glover Jr., an older brother of Adriana, 27, and Michael, 24. “You expect people to respect that.”

Chicago police officers — mistaken for rival gang members — were shot and wounded. Of particular concern to police

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