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Queen Victoria’s chosen wet nurse was a murderer

Queen Victoria’s chosen wet nurse for Prince Edward went on to become a mass murderer.  

Mary Ann Brough was given the role of looking after the most important baby in Britain, the Prince of Wales, and heir to the throne, and was at Queen Victoria’s bedside when she gave birth. 

Several years after her position as the royal wet nurse had come to an end, Brough killed her six children and then attempted to take her own life in her home in Esher, Surrey. 

In 1854, Brough, who is believed to have been in her 40s at the time of the incident, used her husband’s razor blade to slit the throats of her six children, 11-year-old Georgiana, eight-year-old William, seven-year-old Carry, four-year-old twins Harriet and Henry and one-year-old George.

After a doctor managed to sew Brough’s throat back up, enabling her to speak, she confessed to the crime. 

The murder trial that followed gripped the

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Mass Murderer Wasn’t Muslim? What a Relief!

A sigh of relief was heard last week from the New York Times to many newspapers and media outlets around the world, even in Israel, accompanied by a sneer toward the political right: He’s not a Muslim! Wow. It turns out that the mass murder in Las Vegas was committed by “only” a lunatic, Stephen Paddock, and one doesn’t have to be a jihadist to carry out a merciless massacre.

Too many people are busy apologizing all the time. They eagerly jumped on the “not a Muslim” part. Here’s their proof that Muslims had nothing to do with the massacre. They’re right. But their mocking joy reveals something much deeper. They’re stricken with blindness. Someone who jumps for joy when “a non-Muslim” carries out a massacre usually keeps quiet when “an actual Muslim” carries out a massacre. Reality should be looked at as it is, without “right-wing” or “left-wing”

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What Was Wrong with the Las Vegas Mass Murderer?




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            For reasons of understanding and possibly prevention, the question of what was wrong with the perpetrator is taxing people’s minds–including mine. There has been plenty of speculation over the last week, including such colloquial, yet very stigmatizing terms as monster, miscreant, and madman. Such terminology suggests how difficult it is to empathize or feel any compassion toward such a person, although that is part and parcel of what it takes to be a psychiatrist and to understand and treat patients.

How, then,

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Nazi mass murderer immortalised in film Der Hauptmann (The Captain)

The story of a teenage Nazi imposter who became a mass murderer and one of the world’s most wanted war criminals has been turned into a film.

Der Hauptmann (The Captain) tells the virtually unknown story of Willi Herold, 19, a sadist who impersonated a Nazi officer to murder 172 German soldiers he considered traitors in the dying days of the war. He was subsequently hunted by the British after the collapse of the Third Reich.

It is being brought to the big screen by Robert Schwentke, who directed the Jodie Foster film Flightplan. It premiered to rave reviews at the Toronto Film Festival last month and will open in Paris at the end of this month before being released across Europe.

The German actor…

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Brother of Las Vegas shooter fires the law firm he had hired to distribute mass murderer’s estate to victims

  • Eric Paddock on Thursday fired the Las Vegas law firm handling shooter’s estate
  • He said the firm ‘didn’t honor my instructions’ regarding talking to the press
  • Stephen Paddock killed 58 in largest mass shooting in modern US history
  • His brother has vowed to distribute the millionaire’s estate to victims’ families 

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Four more years for mass murderer Raymond Ratima

Raymond Ratima, centre, is escorted from court after his third appearance in July 1992.

Raymond Ratima, centre, is escorted from court after his third appearance in July 1992.

One of New Zealand’s most notorious murderers will remain behind bars for at least another four years.

Last month the parole board declined to release Raymond Ratima, who is serving seven life sentences after the 1992 murders of seven people in Masterton, as well as 10 years for murdering an unborn child, and seven years for attempted murder.

Ratima did not seek release but opposed a postponement order. However, the board ruled he should spend at least a further four years in prison before being considered for parole again.

Piripi Ratima (pic taken 1991), 6, was killed by his father Raymond Ratima.

Piripi Ratima (pic taken 1991), 6, was

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To the Editor: A scoundrel and mass murderer

Oct. 9 – To the Editor:

I enjoyed reading the responses to Randall Heller’s “Motive is disingenuous and insincere” letter (Oct. 2) from local progressive activist Gale Bailey and my fellow state representative Wayne Burton. Mr. Heller objected to my use of the phrase “imperialism and white supremacy.”

There absolutely has been more white supremacist activity since Trump became President, exemplified by the violent neo-Nazi riots in Charlottesville, Virginia this past August which led to the death of 3 peaceful citizens. Our President’s response was muted at best, in contrast to his loud response to pro football players (mostly though not exclusively black) peacefully kneeling during the National Anthem. I think it is fair to say that Trump is sympathetic to white supremacists. I also think it is fair to say that Trump is an imperialist, even though he has weakened our nation’s status in the world.


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Anger over Irish decision to honor “mass murderer” Che Guevara with stamp

Cuban American journalist asks why “a man who went to Cuba to kill and failed in everything he did” is honored

A Cuban-American radio host and Irish politicians have called on An Post, Ireland’s postal service, to explain their decision to launch a €1 stamp featuring a portrait of Che Guevara by Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick.

Ninoska Perez Castellón, a prominent member of the Cuban exile community in Miami and radio host, told RTE’s “Morning Ireland” show, the stamp honoring Che Guevara would “celebrate a man who slaughtered so many people.”

An Post’s plan was announced on Friday to coincide with Monday’s 50th anniversary of Che Guevara’s execution (October 9).

Castellón, who works at Miami 710 Radio,

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‘Mass murderer’: Columbus statues in US vandalized on Columbus Day

The Columbus statue in Chicago’s Arrigo Park was splattered with red paint, and words “mass murderer” and “decolonise” were spray-painted on the sidewalk next to the monument.

No one was in custody for the act of vandalism on Monday, CBS reported.

The same statue had been vandalized on Saturday as well. A witness saw three men defacing the statue and confronted them, according to local police. One of them fell off the bike when trying to escape. The witness detained him until police arrived. Kyle Miskell, 30, was charged with felony counts of criminal damage to government property, and criminal defacement of property.

Police departments of three cities in Connecticut ‒ Middletown, New Haven and Norwalk ‒ said Monday they were investigating vandalism perpetrated against their Columbus statues.

Someone wrote “kill the colonizer” with red paint on the 15-century explorer’s memorial in Middletown, NBC reported citing the police.

The monument to

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"It’s Strange That Ireland Should Honour A Mass Murderer"

An Post’s decision to issue Che Guevara postage stamp has proved controversial

An Post has issued a postage stamp of Che Guevara.

It has been issued to mark the 50th anniversary of his death and features the iconic portrait of him by Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick.

However, opinions are divided on the decision.

Historian and journalist Ruth Dudley Edwards says, “I think it’s a strange thing that Ireland should honour a mass murderer simply because of a vague relationship with an ancestor in the 18th century.”

“He’s not a good role model at all. He was primarily responsible for the Cuban Missile Crisis.”

But journalist Frank McDonald feels differently: “I have no problem with it at all because he was a great revolutionary hero.”

“He was also named by Time Magazine as one of the most influential figures of the 20th century, and the stamp in question is one of the most iconic images of Che

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