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Children return to school after mass shooting in northern California

RANCHO TEHAMA, Calif. (WHDH) — Children in northern California returned to school on Monday after a deadly shooting two weeks ago.

The gunman killed five people, including his wife and injured eight other people. He also used his car as a weapon to ram it into other vehicles and was seen getting out of his car to shoot people inside their cars.

Alejandro Hernandez, 6, was shot in the foot and his right lung. His mother, Angelica Monroy, said doctors told her if he had been hit from the side, he would have been killed. She said her son is too afraid to go back to schoo. once he is done recovering.

Monroy said her family will be moving because the memories of the shooting are too painful for them.

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Mass shooting survivor, family don’t want to return to…

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Two months after a Jacksonville mother was shot multiple times on the front porch of her Eureka Gardens apartment in a mass shooting, she and her family are horrified that they have not been transferred to another housing project, saying their home is still covered in blood and bullet holes.

Jessica Nelson, 20, is still in the Intensive Care Unit at UF Health Jacksonville, fighting to stay alive. Her husband, John “Scotty” Lowman, has been sleeping at the hospital and their two daughters have been staying at his sister’s home. 

Lowman told News4Jax that opening the door to the apartment is extremely difficult. 

“There’s blood even on my daughter’s bassinet. There’s blood everywhere,” Lowman said. 

Lowman said he hasn’t even been able to attempt to clean up because of how emotional it is to go inside the apartment that still has bullet holes in the walls and the door. 

“It’s too hard to walk in

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