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Florida shooting aftermath: How media errors can make mass shootings worse

Among the most vexing challenges facing America is the increase in mass shootings even as gun homicide rates, overall, have declined. This epidemic has the feel of a crisis of confidence in the social compact itself, particularly when the victims of mass violence are children. No doubt, the causes of this crisis are multifarious, and solutions — if they exist — will be holistic.

It is regrettable that those who are ostensibly dedicated to eradicating mass gun violence seem to be working at cross purposes; so few are willing to look critically at their deeply-held convictions. With the stakes so high, everyone from politicians to activists to the media must be incredibly thoughtful and purposeful. Unfortunately, one product of the Parkland shootings was reckless press coverage.

The immediate aftermath of the massacre of high school students and their teachers in Florida was typified by breathless media coverage of their

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Do Biological Factors Play a Role in Mass Shootings?

Will Nikolas Cruz become a case study for medical science? Unlike many other mass school shooters, Cruz didn’t kill himself. Columbine high school killers Dylan Kliebold and Eric Harris turned the guns on themselves after slaughtering 13 people in 1999. The Sandy Hook mass murderer, Adam Lanza killed himself after slaying 26 people, many of them kids, in 2012. Yale University forensic psychiatrist Dr. Bandy Lee says Cruz’s prenatal care is something that should be examined.

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FACT CHECK: Did Tomi Lahren Say That Victims of Mass Shootings …


Fox News personality Tomi Lahren said that people who die during mass shootings don’t believe in God enough.





As lawmakers faced calls to offer more than just “thoughts and prayers” in the wake of a deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida, in February 2018, political commentator Tomi Lahren argued that more prayer was never a bad thing. According to a viral meme, Lahren took this argument a step further and concluded that people who died during mass shootings simply didn’t believe in God strongly enough:

This is not a genuine quote uttered by Tomi Lahren, nor was it posted to the official web site or social media pages of the right-wing nonprofit organization Turning Point USA.

The owner of the Twitter account @BornMiserable created the image. A watermark

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Like other school shootings, one in Florida not about guns

By Michael Reagan

Cagle Cartoons

During the intense media coverage of Wednesday’s tragic events in Parkland, Fla., I was shocked to hear it was the 18th school shooting so far this year.

18. In 45 days.

That sounds terrible.

That sounds like a huge American crisis that needs to be addressed immediately by our great leaders in Washington.

But that 18 number, which the anti-gun lobby in the media has emphasized without going into the details of the individual incidents, is highly misleading.

None of those previous shootings was anything like the horrible one on Wednesday that left 17 students and teachers dead at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Two dead

The year’s worst previous shooting, which happened in Kentucky at a high school less than a month ago, left two students dead and 14 wounded

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Florida school shooting: Mother and son both survive mass shootings


Annika Dean survived the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting last year. This year her son survived the shooting at Douglas High School in Parkland.

Thirteen months ago, Annika Dean didn’t know if she would live to see her children again.

Three days ago, Dean didn’t know if her oldest son would live to see her again.

Dean survived the Fort-Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport shooting last January. When the shooter opened fire on people in Terminal 2 of the airport, she lunged behind a luggage cart, and a man laid himself on top

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From Prozac to Parkland: Are Psychiatric Drugs Causing Mass Shootings?

Whille mass killers generally have guns in their hands, another commonality is that they often have psychiatric drugs in their blood. The difference, though, is that it isn’t guns that have the side effect of “homicidal ideation.”


If you develop digestive problems after a change in diet, do you look for the cause in foods you always ate or the new ones you started eating? While the answer is obvious, this common sense is painfully uncommon when analyzing the new phenomenon of continual mass shootings: Many blame the long-present “foods” — guns in this case — and ignore the new diet whose embrace coincided with the problem. And part of what’s new is the widespread use of psychiatric drugs.

As a case in point, the Parkland, Florida, shooter (I won’t use his name and help provide the fame he craved), who murdered 17 on Valentine’s Day, was on medication for emotional issues,

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There have been 30 mass shootings in the US so far in 2018 — here’s the full list

Students wait to be picked up after a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.
AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee

  • The number of mass shootings in the US this year reached 30 on Wednesday.
  • A gunman opened fire on students and staff at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, killing at least 17 people.
  • There have been nearly as many US mass shootings as days in 2018.

On Wednesday, a gunman opened fire on students and staff at a high school in Parkland, Florida, killing at least 17 people. It was the deadliest US mass shooting so far this year.

The incident marked the 30th mass shooting in 2018, according to the nonprofit Gun Violence Archive, which tracks shootings in the US. To put this into perspective, we are 46 days into the year,

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Mass shootings in the US: When, where they have occurred in 2018

The number of mass shootings around the country in 2018 continues to climb.

According to data from the Gun Violence Archive, a total of 30 mass shooting incidents have occurred as of February 14, including Wednesday’s school shooting in Florida.

In 2017, the U.S. saw a total of 346 mass shootings. See statistics for other years here.

There doesn’t seem to be an official definition for a “mass shooting” in the United States, but according to the Gun Violence Archive, a mass shooting is described as four or more individuals being shot or killed in the same general time and location. 

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The F.B.I. defines a “mass killing” as the killing of three or more people in a public place, but the federal agency also defines a “mass murderer” as someone who has killed four or more people in the same location.

The Gun Violence Archive lists itself as a

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Why the AR-15 keeps appearing at America’s deadliest mass shootings


A former student went on a shooting rampage at a Florida high school, leaving 17 dead while panicked students barricaded themselves inside classrooms and frantic parents raced to the scene.

A Las Vegas concert. An Orlando night club. An elementary school in Newtown, Conn. A Texas church. And now a high school in Parkland, Fla. 

America’s most popular weapon was there for all of them. 

AR-15-style rifles have increasingly appeared in American

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