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America’s normalization of mass shootings since Sandy Hook | Opinion

In the five years that have now passed by since the horrific mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, we have come to treat public mass shootings as normal — or at least with a known routine.

We wait to learn about the shooter while listening for the praise given first responders (rightfully) for their speedy and brave actions and to hospital personnel for their trauma care (again, rightfully) as, afterwards, ordinary citizens graciously open their hearts offering support, blood, and money (admirably) while community leaders tell the grieving families (decently) they are in our thoughts and prayers. Then we learn (sadly) about the precious lives lost. That’s what we do.

As I listened to the end-to-end news coverage of the shooting in Las Vegas — now the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history — I remembered hearing it all before. And a month later, we heard it all again after

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It’s Been One Month Since The Las Vegas Shooting And Bump Stocks Are Still Legal

But momentum for a legislative fix was soon ― and some gun control advocates argue deliberately ― kneecapped when the National Rifle Association, the powerful gun lobby, issued a statement urging the administration to address the matter via existing regulations and not law. Under such a scenario, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, or the ATF, would close the loophole via a regulatory change.

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50 Years Since Mass Shooting in Clinton County

LOCK HAVEN — It happened decades ago, but the story is still difficult for many people in Clinton County.

Monday marks 50 years since a man went on a shooting rampage in Lock Haven, killing six coworkers and wounding several others.

“We all want to forget it. It was a bad time, real bad.”

Retired State Trooper John Keeler didn’t know it at the time. It was early on in his 28-year career with the Pennsylvania State Police, but on October 23, 1967, he was dispatched to a tragedy he would never forget and many others would never come to understand.

“I went immediately to the entrance of the Hammermill Paper Company and witnessed my first victim. He had been shot in the back of the head,” Keeler recalled.

For many people who live in Lock Haven and nearby Loganton, the memory of that day 50 years ago is one of loss.

The shooter, 39-year-old Leo

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10-year-old girl battling post-traumatic stress since Kalamazoo mass shooting

KALAMAZOO, Mich. — Phillip Marion said he will never forget February 20, 2016. Not just because it was the night of the Kalamazoo Shootings. But it was the night his daughter survived them.

“That day was a shock you know, like something just shock you like ‘boom,’” said Marion during an interview. “Everything starts stopping. Everything stopped around me.”

Marion said his heart began beating fast when he got a phone call from Tiana Carruthers saying she’d been shot near her home. Carruthers is a close family friend. Someone he’s known since she was a child. As soon as she called him, he rushed to be by her side.

“Once we made it out there, the sheriff was out there,” he said. “At that time my brain [was] still like ‘what’s going on’ and the kids.”

Marion’s then 8-year-old daughter Dorjaye was hanging out with Carruthers, her daughter and a few other kids on

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Boys and Girls Club marks 2 years since mass shooting

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Saturday marks two years since the mass shooting
on Genesee Street in Rochester that left three people dead and seven
others injured.

In remembrance of the lives lost, Boys and Girls Club kids and teens
decorated heartfelt posters honoring those victims.

They hung them outside the facility Friday evening.  

The posters are in memory of Jonah Barley, Raekwon Manigault and
Johnny Johnson. 

Special messages and prayers also went out to the families affected. 

“It’s the healing process and instead of sitting on your hands
and just crying and whatever, if we can turn things into positive
programs and that’s what we’re trying to do by working together also.”

The Boys and Girls Club is closed Saturday to observe the two year mark. 

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Modesto Sikh Community Marks 5 Years since Wisconsin Temple Mass Shooting

MODESTO — It’s been five years since a gunman opened fire in a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, killing six people and injuring several others.

To honor those who were murdered, volunteers with the Sikh Coalition in Modesto painted a Habitat for Humanity House through their religious concept known as Seva – selfless community service.

Modesto is one of 20 cities taking part of the nationwide event.

This is the second time Sikh volunteers have visited this particular neighborhood. Just two years ago, they helped build the frame of the house they painted today.

Through Saturday morning’s community service, volunteers are hoping to break down any misconceptions the public may have

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First of several services marks year since Pulse nightclub mass shooting

ORLANDO, Fla. — Church bells throughout Orlando will ring 49 times at noon Monday, a year after the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

Gov. Rick Scott ordered U.S. flags around Florida to be flown at half-staff, a giant rainbow flag will be unveiled at the Orange County government building, and three separate services at the Pulse nightclub will be held as well as a large evening gathering in the heart of downtown Orlando to honor the 49 patrons massacred at the gay nightclub.

The first service, closed to the public, was held for survivors, local officials and club employees, overlapping with the exact time gunman Omar Mateen began firing shots — a little after 2 a.m. on June 12, 2016 — during “Latin Night” at Pulse, reports CBS Orlando affiliate WKMG-TV.

“Just after 1 a.m. the angels walked through the parking lot and surrounded the nightclub,” the station says.

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