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Not a Saudi ‘Arab spring’: Mohammad Bin Salman, a threat not a reformer [Part 1]

A demonstration to protest against US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, in Gaza City, Saturday, Dec. 9, 2017. Picture by Majdi Fathi/NurPhoto/Sipa USA/PA Images. All rights reserved. Whatever
was left of “star-columnist-and-best-selling-author” Tom
Friedman’s credibility as a serious reporter was most likely lost
in his November
23 NY Times’ infamous op-ed
, where he described crown prince
Mohammad bin Salman (MBS) as the Middle East’s “most significant”
liberal reformer, and the true reincarnation of the ‘Arab Spring’
after a long ‘Arab winter’. “At last”, as the title says, a
new Middle Eastern savior has been born, and Friedman ambitions to be
his messenger.

his three Pulitzer Prizes (for his already distant work of the 1980s
and 1990s), Friedman is probably the most overrated international
reporter in the western world. His best-selling books are essentially

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Conspiracy Theories Spring Up, Spread in the Wake of Las Vegas Mass Shooting

A week after a mass shooting turned an outdoor country music festival into the site of a massacre, Las Vegas was a city mourning, and its iconic Strip a crime scene. Before many of the dead were even identified, a now all-too-familiar network of conspiracy peddlers had pounced.

Police say Stephen Paddock, 64, used the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino as a vantage point from which he rained automatic gunfire down on the Route 91 Harvest Festival crowd of 22,000 below. In what would be the worst mass shooting in modern United States history on 1 October 2017, 58 people lost their lives and hundreds more were injured. Hauntingly, when we visited the Strip the following weekend, bouquets still lay around the festival grounds, marking the spots where people had collapsed while trying to flee. 


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Rachel Carson, ‘mass murderer’? A right-wing myth about ‘Silent Spring’ is poised for a revival

Rachel Carson has been both a hero to environmentalists and the bane of the chemical and pesticide industries — and their political mouthpieces — ever since the 1962 publication of her seminal book “Silent Spring.”

The book helped to launch the environmental movement, which scored arguably its most important success with the establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency in 1970 (under President Nixon). Carson’s heroism in defense of her argument that indiscriminate use of pesticides was harming people and damaging the environment is covered by a documentary about her that aired last month on PBS as part of its “American Experience” series, and it is still available online.

Over at the Lawyers, Guns Money blog, Erik Loomis sounds the alarm that one of the favorite right-wing calumnies against Carson may be poised to make its reappearance on the national stage. This is the myth that Carson’s description of the dangers of the pesticide

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