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A Muslim and a Christian take a ‘Muslim Roadshow’ to rural Washington

December 18, 2017

Story by Lilly A. Fowler | Photos by Matt M. McKnight

They’re not the sort of couple one is likely to encounter in many parts of the country: a hijab-wearing Muslim woman with a Harvard law degree and a white Lutheran pastor. Yet dozens of Washington state residents — in urban centers and in small rural towns — have witnessed Aneelah Afzali and Rev. Terry Kyllo preach together in churches. Turns out, Afzali and Kyllo have one profound thing in common: a passion to fight against Islamophobia.

Although the duo has held an event in Seattle, Afzali and Kyllo have generally reserved their sermons for smaller, more conservative towns filled with voters who support President Donald Trump and who may have never personally met a Muslim. Towns like Mt. Vernon, with a population of 35,000. Situated just 60 miles north

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How to protect yourself during a mass shooting – The Washington Post

After shots were fired at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Tex., where 26 people were killed in Sunday’s mass shooting, Julius Kepper, who lives nearby, grabbed his gun and ran toward the sound of gunfire, according to the Wall Street Journal, where he saw another neighbor, also armed, confront the suspected killer. Kepper later said, “You just can’t conceive of this happening in a small town like this.” Carrie Matula, who works nearby, told NBC News “I never thought it would happen here,” adding, “This is something that happens in a big city.”

Not so. Mass shootings occur in rural, suburban and urban settings. In recent years, mass shootings have occurred at gathering places and houses of worship of many different faiths: churches, an Islamic center, a Jewish community center, a Sikh temple. There was Sandy Hook elementary school in 2012, the Pulse nightclub in 2016

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Today in Entertainment: Men charged with shooting on Denzel Washington film set; The Weinstein Co. withdraws from …

While Sunday’s deadly mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest festival in Las Vegas added fuel to the ongoing debate over gun control, the attack has also raised concerns about the vulnerability of open-air venues hosting large-scale outdoor concerts and festivals.

This weekend upward of 30,000 fans are expected to file into Glen Helen Amphitheater in San Bernardino for Cal Jam 2017, a two-day rock music blowout.

Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age are set to headline the event, and more than a dozen acts including Cage the Elephant, Liam Gallagher and Bob Mould also top the bill.

Following Sunday’s attack in Las Vegas, where a gunman shot into a crowd of fans attending the country music festival, leaving nearly 60 dead and wounding hundreds more, Cal Jam officials told The Times they were working with local law enforcement officials to beef up security measures for that venue.  

“Additional security measures have been

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One dead in mass shooting at Washington state high school

A young gunman opened fire at a public school near Spokane, Wash., on Wednesday morning, killing one student and wounding three others before being caught, according to reports.

All the victims were admitted to Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center and Children’s Hospital in Spokane and were expected to survive, official said.

The dead student was a sophomore boy. The three wounded were all girls, witnesses at Freeman High School in Rockford told the Spokesman-Review newspaper.

The shooting reportedly happened in a hallway outside of a biology classroom.

“I was putting my backpack away and I heard a loud pop, and I turned around. He was walking around,” said freshman Elisa Vigil, 14, told the Spokane newspaper.

“He had his pistol. His face was completely passive. He shot someone in the head. I crouched down in the hall. I looked up and a girl screamed, ‘Help me, help me, help me.’ The hall was empty.

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Man Suspected of Washington Mall Mass Shooting Found Dead in Cell

Suspect Arcan Cetin is shown in a driver’s license photo released Sept. 24, 2016 by Sgt. Mark Francis.

The man accused of fatally shooting five people in a Washington state mall last year has been found dead in his jail cell, authorities said Monday.

Arcan Cetin, 20, was discovered hanging in the Snohomish County Jail about 9 p.m. Sunday, said Rosemary Kaholokula, chief criminal deputy prosecutor for Skagit County. No additional details were immediately available, she said.

Cetin was accused of killing four women and a man on September 23 at the Cascade Mall in Burlington, north of Seattle.

Found ‘zombie-like’ after manhunt

The gunman disappeared after the attack.

For much of the next day, police searched the mall for evidence. A blurry surveillance photo helped narrow their manhunt. When police confronted the suspect, he froze and complied, said Lt. Mike Hawley of the Island County Sheriff’s Office.


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Documents Show Washington Navy Yard Insecure For Years After Mass Shooting In 2013

Internal documents show that the Washington Navy Yard still suffered from poor security two years after the installation was hit by a mass shooting in 2013.

The Navy decided to dodge boosting security measures in order to save some money, leaving the headquarters of Naval Sea Systems Command vulnerable, according to this internal audit in 2015,  Navy Times reports.

In 2013, civilian contractor Aaron Alexis pulled out a shotgun he smuggled into the Naval Sea Systems Command building and started shooting. He killed 12 people and wounded eight before police gunned him down. The reason a security review was deemed necessary is because Alexis first managed to successfully smuggle in a disassembled shotgun, and second because he still had security clearance, despite a questionable history with law enforcement.

Alexis also believed he was being racially discriminated against as a black man. At the time, Alexis was involved in a

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Number of mass shootings in Washington rose in 2016

This late Saturday, Sept. 24, 2016, image from video by KIRO7 photographer Jeff Ritter shows suspected Cascade Mall shooter Arcan Cetin at Skagit County Jail in Mount Vernon, Wash., after his arrest in Oak Harbor, Wash., earlier in the evening. Investigators on Sunday tried to piece together information on the 20-year-old suspect in the deadly Washington state mall shootings who was apprehended after a nearly 24-hour manhunt. (Jeff Ritter/KIRO7.com via AP)

There are many sources for gun violence data, and ways to dive into the numbers. But it seems that no matter the source, 2016 was an especially bad year in Washington state when considering mass shootings.

According to the Mass Shooting Tracker, a crowd-sourced accounting of mass shootings in America, there were 11 mass shootings in Washington state during 2016, including the Cascade Mall incident, as well as the Mukilteo tragedy. The 11 incidents

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Mass shootings in Washington: Eight so far this year

Nov. 9, 2016: Five people were injured in a shooting outside of a convenience store in downtown Seattle. Witnesses said some people were arguing when the gunman began to walk away, and then turned around and fired into the crowd. Downtown had additional police presence because of an anti-Donald Trump rally, which started at Westlake Mall earlier in the evening. Police said the shooting was not related to the protest.

Sept. 23, 2016: Five people died when a 20-year-old Oak Harbor man started shooting inside the Macy’s department store at Cascade Mall in Burlington, Skagit County. Arcan Cetin has been charged with five counts of first-degree premeditated murder.

Aug. 20, 2016: Five people were injured in what police said was a gang-related shooting in the 900 block of Pacific Ave. Some victims were innocent bystanders, police said.

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Mass shootings in Washington state

Sept. 23, 2016: Five people died when a 20-year-old Oak Harbor man started shooting inside the Macy’s department store at Cascade Mall in Burlington, Skagit County. Arcan Cetin has been charged with five counts of first-degree premeditated murder.

Aug. 20, 2016: Five people were injured in what police said was a gang-related shooting in he 900 block of Pacific Ave. Some victims were innocent bystanders, police said.

July 30, 2016: Three people were killed and one injured at a house party of recent Kamiak High School graduates in Mukilteo. A 19-year-old man, a former boyfriend of one victim, is accused in the killings. Police said he read the instruction manual of his AR-15 just before the shooting.

July 15, 2016: Authorities found three people shot dead inside a Clark County home. A

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